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Administrative Computing


One of the focuses of the Department of Information Technology Services is to create an administrative management system that integrates upper level administrative decisions with the needs of the operational units. With the help management and analysis reports, its mission is to elevate administrative efficiency via information technology and to develop comprehensive information integration in order to attain the objective of diversified management.

The various systems that automate administrative affairs of Academia Sinica have achieved a certain level of stability and efficiency after constant dialogue, online-testing, and negotiations between persons in charge and technicians of the center. The systems below have been completed and are currently in operation:

  1. Human Resource and Salary Integrated System
    With the human resource system as the core, subsystems such as salary, health insurance for government employees and workers, retired payments, severance pay, and pension data have all been integrated into one system. Ensuring consistency and sharing of the employee data in the system, it is capable of managing personnel data, salary disbursement and labor/health insurance under different budgetary headings of Academic Sinica.
  2. Human Resource Management System
    Manages all employee files of Academic Sinica, including re-employment, wage adjustments, departing employee, and other online authorization services. Our online business trip authorization process includes employees applying for business trips to foreign countries, source of budget, business location, and handing in reports.
  3. Accounting System
    Processes Academic Sinica's annual budget preparation, implementation and final accounting, managing and creating various financial statements. We apply the event-oriented method to reduce voucher error rate for future development/maintenance.
  4. Budget management system
    For internal budget control, its function includes budget allocation, purchase requests, balance monitoring and budget application. The purpose is to make connection with the accounting system and gradually attempt to accommodate different work approaches of different units.
  5. Asset Management System
    Asset data from the past ten years in all institutes and units are collected and recorded. This system has also been expanded to incorporate goods management, including valuable goods and non-durable goods.
  6. Official document system
    In conjunction with the requirement for electronic document exchange, a full scale upgrade upon our official document system will be implemented through Web interface. Its new features include electronic data trading, creation of official documents, document search, flowchart management, filing away documents, and electronic announcements.
  7. Research achievement management system
    Research achievements and scholastic activities such as master's thesis, research book catalog, or any scholastic seminars will all be recorded onto our system. Research workers or designated person in charge may log onto the system and view research achievements or activities. Certain authorization is required to read/write data. This system is shared throughout Academic Sinica.
  8. Central Administration Office general affairs system
    Covers management operations including employees'duty assignment, leaves, business trips, shift assignment, overtime, leave category control and calculation of annual leaves not used. It includes online authorization process and all types of forms. The human resource system and fingerprint data have also been incorporated.
  9. Academia Ballot and election system
    This system combines 'academia candidate voting' with 'academia election' for the development and implementation of a balloting system.

All new systems will be developed using DORE. In coordination with user demand and making good use of various new technologies, DORE will be continuously maintained and updated to respond to the applications of administrative affairs in various areas.

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