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Service targets are personnel of Academia Sinica. Descriptions of the services provided, such as academic archives and maintenance of automatic library systems, are as follows:

  • Library service website:
    Seeing that there isníŽt a central library in Academia Sinica and that academic information resources of various fields are scattered in the libraries of different institutes, we have organized these information resources (including paper copies and archives) into a single website allowing users to successfully find required information. Currently, services covered by this website includes: Latest News, Library Information, Library Catalog, Electronic Databases, E-Print, Electronic Journals, Special Collections, and Internet Resources.
  • Document Delivery Service:
    In order to acquire academic documents not owned by libraries of Academia Sinica, besides signing a cooperation agreement with UC Berkeley that is mutually beneficial, we also adopted the global library borrowing system OCLC, which cooperates with libraries around the world via the internet and expands the acquirable range of academic documents.
  • Library Automation:
    In response to the demand for library affair automation, we have adopted the INNOPAC library system to automate affairs of libraries in Academia Sinica. System servers are currently being managed by the Department of Information Technology Services; work teams have been established in response to operation requirements to coordinate the automation of library affairs in Academia Sinica.
  • Library borrowing service:
    For the use of personnel in Academia Sinica, we collect and provide books and journals on computer software and hardware applications, purchase Elsevier SDOS and ACM Digital Library electronic journal full text databases on behalf of institutes, and provide the IEL Explore electronic journal full text database (together with libraries from institutes, such as the Institute of Information Science).

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