Academia Sinica Department of Information Technology Services

Digital-media Studio


  • Service goals:
    1. Develop digital-media professional arts design and designs for various posters/agenda.
    2. Integrate digital information and enrich visual design.
    3. Execute National Digital Archives Program.
  • Services Provided:
    1. Provides multimedia professional arts design services:
      • Design of various posters/agendas and activity websites (animations), documentary (introduction) post-production editing, and picture taking.
    2. Sharing multimedia technology and hardware with units in Academia Sinica:
      • Scan (Consultation is available), Digitalize photos, Video format conversion, Audio/Video Recording facilities (Technical Consultation is available).
    3. Other specialized services
      -Large size and high-resolution scans
      -360X surrounding environment and object virtual reality
      -Multimedia CD Production
      - Training

Contact Information

  • Team: Multimedia Design
  • Location: Rm. 4005
  • Phone: 2652-3421
  • E-mail: ez2cclin at