Academia Sinica Department of Information Technology Services

Email Service


All fellow workers are eligible to apply for their personal Email account at the Department of Information Technology Services. Each account will be provided with 1GB of disk space and the size of each message will be limited to 20 MB.

The various service functions provided include:

  1. Save backups of at least the recent week.
  2. The URL of Webmail is
  3. Automatic spam filtering and virus scanning.
  4. IMAP & POP3 supported.
  5. Users may change passwords from the Webmail options (If passwords are forgotten, system administrators of this center will still need to be notified.).
  6. When using Webmail, deleted messages will be moved to a trash mailbox. Users will have to clear the trash mailbox themselves or else it will occupy disk space.
  7. Telnet connection services are not provided. (Users cannot log on to the server to use pine or elm. Users should use email applications such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird to receive messages.)

This email service supports POP3 or IMAP access methods, the differences between these two are:

  • When adopting the IMAP access method, all messages remain on the server. This is suitable for users who read their mail on different computers or are often on business trips. However, the messages will continue to occupy disk space of the server. Therefore, users should develop the habit of categorizing messages into different mailboxes when they are going through their mail. The 'Sent' mailbox requires special attention, it will easily accumulate to occupy large amounts of disk space. Every now and then, users should copy past messages to a mailbox on their personal computer, and then delete the messages on the server, or else too many past messages will slow down the speed that new messages can be read.
  • When the POP3 access method is used, all messages on the server will be transferred to your personal computer after connection is established. This is suitable for users who access their email through the same personal computer. This method does not occupy disk space of the server

Application Precedures

How to use

After receiving the DITS's replied host account application form, please read the fourth item "Results" carefully. The "System ID" field on the lower right of the application form is the host name, which is usually "gate". The "User ID" field contains the user's account name, and the "Password" field contains the user's password. Using the account name "xxxx1234" as an example, the email address is

Please refer to descriptions of the email application on your personal computer for basic configurations.

Contact Information

  • Team: System Operation
  • Phone: 2789-9883, 2789-9493