Academia Sinica Department of Information Technology Services


The primary mission of Academia Sinica Department of Information Technology Services is "To support the research undertakings and administrative computing of research units of Academia Sinica." As the sole information service unit of Academia Sinica, the Department of Information Technology Services has been striving to fulfill its founding purposes and service concepts since its inception. According to the development of information technology applications and service requirements of Academia Sinica, it furnishes various proposals to help enhance research environment and administrative efficiency.

The services of the Department of Information Technology Services can be largely divided into 13 categories:

  1. Administrative Computing Services for Academia Sinica
  2. Develops and maintains the administrative computing system to help enhance administrative efficiency of Academia Sinica.

  3. Information Security Services for Academia Sinica
  4. Plans information security task framework for the entire Academia Sinica, establishes Academia Sinica's information security protection and audit system, provides information-security-related services and ensures timely notification of internal information security incidents.

  5. Network Maintenance Services for Academia Sinica
  6. Establishes and manages domestic and international networking of Academia Sinica. Manages and maintains the backbone of Academia Sinica, supports setup and update of regional networks of different institutes (bureaus, centers) and provides network value-adding services for Academia Sinica.

  7. Public Computer System Maintenance Services for Academia Sinica
  8. Establishes and maintains Academia Sinica's public system resources such as high performance computing, research information system and administrative computing.

  9. Mass Storage Services for Academia Sinica
  10. Establishes remote backup system framework and in conjunction with various services provides timely remote backup mechanisms.

  11. Email Services
  12. Provides high-stability, high-capacity and high-efficiency Email services and continues to enhance the filtering function of Anti-Spam/Virus.

  13. Library Automation Services for Academia Sinica
  14. Integrates Academia Sinica's library services and resources to provide electronic scholarly resources and services, and library automation system maintenance services.

  15. Research Databank Development Services
  16. In response to academic research requirements of different research institutes of Academia Sinica, develops and maintains the databank application system to support the research undertakings. Based on the requirements for National Digital Archives Program, the contents and functional requirements of the stored works are analyzed, and the databank application system is developed and maintained.

  17. Multimedia Design Services
  18. Provides multimedia professional arts design services, including design of various posters/agendas and activity websites (animations) for meetings and activities organized by different units of Academia Sinica, documentary (introduction) post-production editing, production of streamed films and overall design of DVD visual effect.

  19. Information Training and Promotion Services
  20. Plans various information programs for Academia Sinica employees, who may sign up to receive proper training for enhancing their computer skills. Every 6 months, 15-20 courses are offered followed by satisfaction surveys. In addition, the electronic version of "Department of Information Technology Services Newsletter" is issued biweekly to disseminate announcements of the Department of Information Technology Services and new information knowledge and intensify communication with Academia Sinica employees.

  21. GIS Application Services
  22. Establishes basic GIS-related software/hardware application environment, provides map drawing and GIS technology consultation services, and from geographic perspective furnishes assistance with research data integration and outcomes presentation. Current technical services include: GPS, high-resolution satellite image, electronic map, Mobile GIS and various GIS software (including commercial and self-developed software).

  23. PC and Peripheral Equipment Supply and Maintenance Services
  24. Provides PC software/hardware and peripheral equipment for Central Administration Office staffs suitable for individual operational requirements to help them accomplish their missions through computerized tools. Replaces PCs of Central Administration Office staffs group by group and handles daily maintenance of PCs.

  25. Joint Software Procurement Services
  26. Handles joint procurement of commonly used software to maximize purchase benefits for Academia Sinica units. Different units share the cost in accordance with individual use requirements.